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Victoria Park Skatepark, London.

Victoria Park Skatepark, London.

Urban Stargazing

Urban Stargazing - Royal College of Art 2011

Over time, society has developed a complex rhythm that demands we live in an environment artificially lit twenty-four hours a day preventing us from experiencing the natural lights coming from billions of light years away, shining and twinkling as soon as
the Sun sets to the west.

The Urban Stargazing project focuses on bringing back the stars in the city sky by recreating existing constellations and adding new ones, narrating old and contemporary myths about London. Twelve groups of stars have been installed at different locations
in the city, and can only be observed by the naked eye at night time.

Below is the map showing each constellation with their corresponding coordinates. To go on a stargazing walk, enter the latitude/longitude of any constellation on a web mapping application. Alternatively, follow the link to the Google map.

View Urban Stargazing in a larger map.

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I am following the developments at Dale Farm, which is being forcefully evicted by the police since this morning. It may be that technically the people living at Dale Farm are ‘illegal’ by the letter of the law, but I seriously question the way in which the British Government and police force are being used to push through the law. I am not sure why there wasn’t a more peaceful and longer dialogue between the parties involved and I don’t totally understand the implications of Dale Farm residents staying or why it is not possible to find alternative space. But there are people living there and having done so for a number of years. Is it really necessary to use so much force and violence against people who just want to live in a different way than most Western people in the ‘modern’ world? Comparing these images to the riots I personally witnessed on my doorstep in Hackney this summer, it is not easy to understand why the Police are using taser guns against the people living in Dale Farm. Why is it okay to use them there in this situation and why weren’t they being used during the riots when people caused serious damage and caused major disruption and fear in many communities?

(Source: Guardian)

5 Million Dollars 1 Terrabyte

5 Million Dollars 1 Terrabyte (2011) is a sculpture consisting of a 1 TB Black External Hard Drive containing $5,000,000 worth of illegally downloaded files. A full list of the files with clickable download links can be found here.

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I don’t really understand what’s going on here but it’s fascinating.


My current studio and I have to say - I absolutely love it. What’s yours like?

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Fantastic architectural renders demonstrating great skill. I wish I could get them like that!

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Worst label for real ale ever?

Worst label for real ale ever?

Brasilia: Working Plan Or Utopian Blueprint?

The long-awaited start into the final year of the BA (Hons) Interior Design course at the LCC, I am beginning to write my dissertation about Brasilia. What are your thoughts on Brasilia?

The London College of Communication has a new cafe/bistro/meeting space on the ground floor level, designed by LCC alumni Morag Myerscough with Supergroup. The new bar and food counter feature the award winning Plumen pendant lights and lovely, yet pricey snacks and drinks for the emerging creative. The stools featuring 1988 letraset typefaces are used in combination with beautiful color-laminated tables and vintage school chairs (photo to follow!). Job well done!

To Sell Out Or Not To Sell Out

Banksy’s new “artwork” for the Frieze… Speechless!

"The Banksy Truck will be in Old Quebec Street, London, W1C 1LZ (behind The Cumberland Hotel) tomorrow, 6 October, from 8am to 2pm. Visit www.guoman.com/urban_contemporary_art_and_luxury_sale for more details.”

(Source: londonist.com)

Video: Polarlichter von der ISS aus gesehen (0:58)

Northern Lights as seen from the International Space Sation.

How Creatives Work and the Future of Desks.

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Smoke Signals

"For one hour starting at noon, SABER wrote across the sky circling downtown L.A.  Aside from shouting out his crew, he called for an end to the mural moratorium the city has affronted on its citizens.  Since graffiti and street art are being attacked by the bureaucrats, he took to the air, right over City Hall.  Shouldn’t be much of a surprise since SABER had the world’s largest graffiti piece in the L.A. riverbanks over a decade ago.”

See more photos and the full article here.